Phrasal Verb 1

1) How to branch out into Sales? 

By branching out, you start establishing a new group of customers rather than just settling for your old clients in your old branch and hoping they would give client referrals to maximize sales coming in your business. Branching out is all about using your resources to grow once you have mastered one channel, it doesn’t mean trying out another channel while neglecting your first one. 

2) How to break into Sales? 

As strong as it may sound, break into is not such a bad phrasal verb to use in Business or in our spe- cific case, Sales. Surely when we think about it we picture the image of a burglar entering forcibly in a house and this scares the daylight out of us. But following our instructions here, you will see that it is not so negative as it seems when related to Sales. 

Breaking into Sales means first of all to build a strong network and work on that to establish your portfolio and your relationship with your clients. You can also break into your curiosity and thirst to learn by looking for training programs or access to mentors so that you will be more aware of your 

needs, strengths and weaknesses when looking for a new position. 

Break into the industry, look into it, research any single detail and get to know it, because knowl- edge is the only power and fuel that lets you go on. I guess you want to be a luxury branded car, don’t you? Then be ready and willing to adapt, without forgetting your worth and without forgetting to break into your inner emotions when proudly ex- plain your product to your clients.

3) Carry on Sales 

We mentioned before to break into the Sales world, but what happens when you enter into it? Seems a question that can cause anxiety, when finally you reach your goal and then you are into the battlefield. Relax, breath in, breath out and carry on. Yes, continue your journey. 

You cannot stop it now, you need to carry on a business routine and involvement in an activity undertaken for the purpose of making profit; we carry on sales with the purpose of adding wealth to a person or entity by resorting to financial transactions to get a margin of profit on such transactions. This is also a good motto for you 

and your client. Never forget to use this phrasal verb, even when you feel off your feet, chant to yourself “carry on, carry on”. Your client will surely be your choir in this song. 


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