Phrasal Verb 2

1) Looking into sales 

Nobody wants to look like a fool in a meeting by not knowing the other person’s job title or any key industry accomplishments for example. Most important is to know much more about our clients and their needs, that’s why preliminarily we should look into, that is investigating in detail and an- alyse features and meaning, what we need to have a high percentage to close a deal quickly. 

2) Take off your sales! 

When sales take off, it means business is becoming rapidly successful. So fasten your seatbelt! 

Enter into this fantastic world where you can still feel an air pocket from poor sales results, but thanks to your resilience you can float on air at times and land down to the relief of surviving the ride at the very end. 

3) Step down = positive or negative? 

The concept of stepping down is usually associ- ated to someone who gives up or steps in favour of another person; think about kings who decide to step down in favour of their heirs, or Chairmen 

who retire to give others new opportunities. Therefore this action probably comes as a shock/ surprise to everyone. Our contribution and lead- ership mean to the Company, that’s why when we decide to step down we need to be sure to have left a strong, undeterred Sales force behind, who will benefit from the good training and exam- ple that we have set; a new leader may emerge from our existing team, that will carry on a piece of our legacy. 


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