Episode 07 – Alejandro Serrano

Alejandro Serrano Zaera is the COO of Tecnalis, a company that creates the gaming management platform, Alira. He has been passionate about the gaming industry for many years, and one of his main goals has been to unite fun and technology in this sector. He started out developing games, just for fun, at tournaments and this is how he met the people who would later become his business partners.

They created a business project that geolocated bars so you could find sports events and sports betting terminals near you. The project was a success and he learned a lot from this experience.

After he left that company, he was offered a position at Tecnalis, a company that creates one of the leading gaming management platforms on the market. This company has become his home and his team is simply hard to beat. Thanks to it, they have managed to become a major platform in the Spanish-speaking market.

“We have come out on top in a very competitive industry, and where clients not only need a reliable and stable product but also companies with a vocation for service and always been one step ahead.”

Alejandro Serrano
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