Episode 09 – Cristian Acuna

Welcome to the interview with Cristian Acuna, Head of Sales LATAM at Play’n GO.
Cristian has been working closely with regulators and operators across the region, helping to bring players entertainment through negotiating bespoke agreements that unlock Play’n GO’s industry- leading titles and server-based gaming solution OMNY® in regulated marketplaces. 

Cristian has 20 years of Sales and Business Development experience in LATAM, across Gaming, Telecom and SW Development industries. He also holds an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird. 

Working with discipline,according to Cristian, is pivotal especially when we deal with large-size companies where we have to deal with multiple departments. Indeed, the Sales Department always teams up with Marketing, CRM, Project Management, Graphic, and so on, just to mention a few. That’s why selling is a very delicate yet structured art with a lot of room for things that can go wrong. 

We need to constantly work on our strategy and effective organisation to make sure that when we sell innovation -“our own challenging recipe”, according to Cristian- we are able to manage our expectations, never stop learning and evolving as salesperson, selling with empathy and a personal touch, understanding deeply our customers’ needs.
Sometimes happens that we can set standards beyond our reach and perhaps we need to walk away from a negotiation, but there will be always time to jump again on a potential deal, after mastering our tact, grace, sensibility and persistence. 

A “no” is always a “not yet” , that’s why we have to believe in what we sell, our product, our brand, or else we will be out; if this happens and we are out of the circle, it can be extremely hard to restart from scratch, as word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool ever and can be really grating and obnoxious when people start to perceive we don’t believe in ourselves, or in our skills, or worse, in our Company. 

“It is not what you are selling, but it is what they are buying. Feel proud of what you are selling”

Cristian Acuna

In a few words, listening more than talking, understanding our clients needs are definitely the keys to be successful. Having a comprehensive big picture of our clients and knowing how to pace our efforts means going through our deals slowly; we make sure we are always realistic, self-controlled and always on track.

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