Episode 10 – Joakim Renman

Chief Commercial Officer – Scout Gaming Group. 15+ years’ experience from both B2C and B2B. In particular specialized on B2B Commercial, Product and Regulatory development. Previous roles include Sales Director at NYX Gaming Group (later SG Interactive) and Product roles at NetEnt.

What is the most challenging task you find while working on your daily activities?

  • Managing expectations in both directions
  • Connecting business vision with tech capability

What was the most challenging negotiation you handle? and how?

  • Any re-negotiation of a contract….
  • A recent example is when we completely re-did our commercial structure here at Scout
  • It worked but not without resistance

What are your favourite Sales books?

  • Not much books focused on sales – however other books apply to many things in life, including sales
  • One such example = Thinking fast & slow(nobel prize winner & economist Daniel Kahnemann)  
  • We think we are rationale but spend most time making fast decisions(Two systems! gut feeling vs “analysis”)
  • Understanding our natural biases helps you both influence your own and others towards a desirable outcome

“Be curious, listen, be helpful, be honest, think long-term (“you always meet twice”!)”

Joakim Renman

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